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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is my personal information managed?

A. Please see our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy. Note that the only information provided on living persons is their surname and initials. Only a very limited number of living persons are listed on this website.

Q. Why can't I see all the information on a certain person?

A: Most areas of this website with information on individuals and familes are only available to registered users. If you are a direct descendant or relative of people listed on this website, please take a moment to register by clicking on "Register for a User Account" on the home page. You will be asked to providing details of the families you are researching, and how you are related. When accepted, you will be able to view all records of your ancestor's descendants contained in the database, including documents, media and lineages.

What are the benefits of Registering as a User?

A: To see the details of your ancestor(s) and their records, documents, photographs and biographies, you must Register for a User account, and Log In when registration is approved. Registration also ensures the Webmaster can e-mail you with any major changes to the site.

Q: What if I forget my username and/or password?

A: If you can't remember your username then, via the 'Log In' page, enter the email address you supplied when you registered and we will I will send you your username. However, for security purposes we do not have access to your password. So, if you forget it, you can ask the system, again via the 'Log In' page, to issue you with a temporary one. Just enter the email address you supplied when you registered and your username.

Q. If I see a mistake in the information presented can I correct it?

A. The Suggest tab allows you to send corrections, updates, comments, or any other information about the person that you would like add, to the database administrator. Information on which individual you are referencing is automatically attached to the message when you make a suggestion using the Suggest tab. The Database Administrator will review your suggestion, and if approved, will add it to the database. If your suggestion is minor, the information will be updated after it is approved, if there is quite a bit of information then the changes will appear in the next website update cycle, after it has been entered into the main offsite database.

Q. What are the drop-down boxes for on the upper right of the page?

These provide menus that let you access various sections of information contained in the database. You can hover your mouse pointer over each to see the options available. Click on the one you want, and browse the contents.













Q. Is there a way to tell if two individuals are related?

A. Yes, the Relationship tab will show a graphic display of all the people between two relatives. To use this function, locate the first individual for your enquiry and then press the Relationship tab.


Then use the find button to locate the second person to be displayed. Once you have the two people selected click the calculate button to display their relationship.


Q. I'm always coming across 1st cousins, 2nd cousins and cousins x times removed. I've never really understood what all that means. How about a short tutorial?

A guide to understanding family relationships is on this Relationships Ready reckoner, or view the explanation at Encyclopedia of Genealogy.

Q.The Timeline function looks interesting, what is it?

A. A timeline is displayed for an individual when the Timeline tab is clicked. The time line shows important events in history that occurred during the life of an individual or a group of individuals. It gives you a unique perspective to see what was going on in the world during the lives of our ancestors. Timeline events with a blue icon relate to the individual's family, green icons relate to the individual, and red icons relate to world events. Navigate to the bottom of the page to find out more about world events.

Q.Where can I get more information?

Please have a look at the following related links. If you have another query please contact the website administrator. If there's something else you think would be helpful on this page, please let me know.

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Please direct all inquiries or feedback to the following link:  Feedback


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